Was unheard of a few short decades ago.

It is NOT genetic .. but familial tendencies – MTHFR

Inadvertent mercury exposure by being in this century . . and your relations being in the last two . .

See aluminium

How does this happen?

Mercury poisoning It is known . ..just no one tells anyone.
The mechanism?

Briefly . . .
Can’t access the magnesium in the nutrients taken in (eaten)
Can’t make the detox pathways with Glutathione.

(Also where is the selenium to assist the iodine and where is the zinc?
All good questions – and not to be added in as supplements but actually needed to be seen on a cellular level – and these heavy metals blind the body to them. Blocked by the mercury – and /or the aluminium that is now in all vaccines as the neurotoxic replacement of the mercury . .

Which itself is passed down through maternal transmission – her body cleans itself into fetus and the breast milk – leas e take the liquid activated zeolites all through the child bearing process with a lot more pure water drunk to alleviate this terrible life long affliction

PLUS – do not add more in . .

(Although the microscopic and life threatening mercury that has been ‘mined’ and carried forth by being in a contaminated maternal environment may be – even if you had your amalgam fillings out before baby making – the legacy in all your tissues is still there – even if you have not been vaccinated and thus exposed to all the mercury (not so evident in modern vaccines but totally prevalent up to about 10 years ago) and this replaced by aluminium – which is even more neuro toxic – and this itself stops the excretion of mercury – as the magnesium and selenium needed to make Glutathione naturally is prevented from being used by the mercury – so it all quickly is shown how taking the liquid activated zeolites makes all the difference!! And its pathway – restore the ability to absorb normal foods!!!

(Though the ‘mitochondrial’ defects themselves may well be epigenetic – what you do to allow the genes to express, or mess with them – here we are back to looking after self pre, during and post pregnancy for the sake of your children – then them too)

Environmental – babies come out pre polluted – the cord blood can be tested and all sorts of toxic chemicals have been taken up by bub – what can you do safely to ensure these leave? what can you do about the removal of toxins? The liquid activated zeolites are safe and instantly effective – and are in drop form, so they can be added to anything – no compliance needed.

Heavy metals in utero? Can you get rid of this? Of course – add no more in – the vaccines are a huge source – as the normal shields – of the digestive tract are bypassed and the immature liver and kidneys – the usual means of detoxing – are not yet able to.Who else knows that autism is heavy metal poisoning? Look at this study here.

I trialled this (very simple application – just drops in the water or in her mouth  – and within two days – my daughter was different and startlingly so . .  Other studies

A common story 

A very angry/rageful baby from birth – not vaccinated – but enraged, difficult was a nice word for it. Developed normally, but if crossed – if he couldn’t get his own way (we are talking under 2 years old here) he was tantrum more than anyone had experienced – even biting walls and raking the paint off them. Magnesium depletion – all that reactivity and inability to calm – and as the topical magnesium was far too painful for him – it is a sure sign of mercury toxicity – after using the drops – with in a week – a totally different wee boy. And the magnesium no longer reacts to him. Life is transformed!!! This could be your child – what does it cost to stay in trauma – the entire family – spreading up through the years with no friends, disrupted life and education – and ?? waiting till some professional ‘diagnoses’ oppositional defiant disorder – why not nip it all in the bud and lose whatever physical ailments may have becoming in also with the heavy metals – as who knows how much of the auto immune and even cancer snow afflicting children younger and younger are not JUST magnesium and thus Glutathione to detox naturally – not being absorbed and then made??

How can this happen?

Beyond ASD and autism

Anything may be helped in babies and children – whatever you may believe happened to give you a child who appears to have issues with living, there may be a simple answer – or a myriad of them. Getting rid of what should never have been inserted, one way or another into your child’s body is one of the major ways to assist all other types of interventions . .

What about looking into  what is being eaten?

Is the gut bacteria supporting life?  

Is there a gut bacteria environment imbalance?

Maybe undoing the cause of the problem, not management of the behaviour is more appropriate?

It is unfortunately very easy to poison ourselves and our children – live in today’s world!!!

One of the major changes I have noticed, not just in my daughter who has autism (her zeolite story here) but in the other children I help, is when the heavy metals that are blocking normal get out of the way more optimal responses can begin. Especially more likely nutrient pathways are re established. Of course then we have what is being called ‘food’ – and beyond this is what can the gut do to actually USE what is eaten?

There are myriad pathways that are afflicted to be ‘on the spectrum’. What we all know is this is not genetic – our children’s relations had nothing like this in their lives. What has happened? With the tendency to think it is safe to get in the way of natural, undisturbed birth, the modern cacophony of chemicals;  none tested against the fetal and developing brains of newborns, but freely available in all maternal blood streams, and hence the very breast milk, the emotive support of the vaccination campaigns, especially having a flu injection during pregnancy, the ways the babies are messed with by modern birthing and the non food ‘foods’ out there it is no wonder all are confused. No more so than the parents who try to make sense of a system that is not asking or answering basic questions  ‘how did this happen?’

Should we stop doing all that was not part of life when autism and neurological problems were unknown? As the parent of  a massively afflicted adult daughter, I think so. You may want to investigate oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction and autism – I did – here is a paper. There are so many more – but they only label – not fix. ..I ask – ‘what to do now?’

Here is the ‘fix’ .

Get rid of what was never intended to land into vulnerable neurological systems – as you to be reading this are aware – something is tragically wrong and there is no pill from the doctor to fix this.

My solution as a parent was to find what could easily, safely and highly effectively pull out some of what was not supposed to be there – and the liquid activated zeolites are a major player here. No taste, just some drops in water – and improvement – in my daughter’s case within two days .. .why wouldn’t you?

The steps

Start the process of taking out what is not allowing their body to work as it is supposed to -and hence there are problems you want get ‘fixed’ – when really the issue is in your cells – rubbish stored away that is blocking all life.

The plastic bottles are ‘safe’ – I buy them as they do not break.

The extra capsules are wonderful if you are enhancing your immune system – cancer or any other chronic diseases. Start with the drops and next time – maybe buy the capsules/drops together – and maybe add in one of your family members – and ’under’ you – so you have both running at once. . . why would you not?

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