Breast Cancer

There is so much that can be done to repair your body – with or without the help of modern oncology.

First – regardless of what stage you are on the path, removing what has created your cancer is imperative.

Toxins that should never have been in the biosphere are within your body. Pesticides especially – and in your food . . .can’t help it – we all have to live, eat, breathe . .

Decades ago it was found that 100% of breast cancers contained common pesticides.
Perhaps read this about in utero exposure – what our mums did not know is hurting us.

We are now surrounded through wind drift and insects and rain – by Roundup . . and what does that do to breast cancers?

Why not remove all traces of these as a health precaution at any stage of your life?

There is so much now written on this – it is even in the local newspapers.

At the same time – is there enough Iodine, Vit D and magnesium to allow normal apotoptosis (programmed cell death so it does not go rogue/become cancer) and to allow optimal immune function?.

Remove all vestiges of toxins through using safely, effectively and now – the liquid gold – activated zeolites to improve all stages of your life.

The steps

Go to this site and sign up.
Detox dose is 5 drops x 6 daily. Definitely drink a lot more water. Constantly. Flush it all out.
It says in the label to take 3 x 3 – is the maintenance dose – take the detox for ideally at last 3 months .
I would keep doing this as long as possible. Babies – maybe this  but even 1 year olds – you want them better as soon as you can. MUST drink more water.

The plastic bottles are ‘safe’ – I buy them as they do not break

NCD is available in Plastic or Glass Bottles 
The standard bottle is a 15mL (300 drops) PET bottle (the plastic material is inert to the ingredients of NCD). There is NCD2 which has a stronger concentration of zeolite in a 15mL Glass Bottle with rubber / glass drop dispenser. This is a little per bottle more expensive than the standard bottle. To order glass bottles (known as “NCD2”), please click there.  To order standard bottles of original NCD, please order as usual.

The capsules are wonderful if you are enhancing your immune system – cancer or any other chronic diseases. Start with the drops and next time – maybe buy the capsules/drops together – and maybe add in one of your family members – and ’under’ you – so you have both running at once. . . why would you not?

If you have any queries, or glitches with this, please contact me to help resolve them.

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