Congestive Heart Failure

Over ten years ago, when I heard the tone of a friend’s voice lift, I asked her (on a phone call) ‘Is this the new homeopath’s doing?’ – to hear that “no, it was detoxing drops” – I thought – if it has created such a difference for her – they can only help Kathryn – my profoundly autistic daughter.

As my friend was so much better – I open to all suggestions as I had hit a wall for Kathryn – and hence would trial them on myself first.

Once I got my own stash – they come in from America – I took 10 drops, went to bed and awoke with a clearer head . . . (I thought – impossible!! – I must have imagined it. And kept taking ten drops three times daily. I now realise that this is was the pyroluria starting to lift – when this is a problem, there is zinc and B6 being filtered out of the body instead of being held – and the mercury blocks zinc absorption.

The zeolites started to move the heavy metals making the zinc in my food invisible to me and the ability to see it meant a change in clarity  I was very surprised for it to be so instant.


Several months went by and I started to notice that I could walk up hills – due to my congestive heart failure and prolapsed mitral valve this was not possible. I was not able to talk whilst walking – or even carry my own water bottle with me. (Previously could not have any extra load on my heart and even then I could not even walk up the steps to my house without lying down afterwards and when arising, feeling worse. This is a paralysing problem. Taking drugs/chemicals to mask what had happened to me allowed me to keep going – and was better than nothing – but now reliant on me taking these forever! Why I needed to was not investigated. Not asked, not even thought through. The reliance o orthodox medicine – a retail not a wellness model. In desperation I took what allowed me to stay functioning – I could not even stand to cook to then leave the energy to eat.

Any gradient previously – I was just not able to. On the flat I could walk for miles.  . Having been on heart medication for a few years I thought that I was already as well as I could be – this is as I had tried all herbal and supplements that I had in the clinic for others – even taking weight for dosage Co Q10 and seeing no improvement at all in myself (was 12 tablets ail for a while). Why is body not working? Not asked . .

What was the difference?

I started the liquid activated zeolites, 10 drops three times a day – no other changes as I had for years by then been through everything I could think of – including retiring from practice – to try to resolve this for myself.

How did these work? – Took out the heavy metals (esp mercury) that were causing the nutrients to be blocked and hence causing malnutrition. The heavy metals – especially mercury also blocks Selenium.

Selenium is needed to use iodine. Iodine is needed by all cells in the body – without it we get cancer . .and our immune system does not work – and the thyroid (metabolism) is totally compromised – as it was in my case – and here is the answer. Takeout what is blocking normal and the body has a chance to work again.  With not enough iodine accessibility, the fluid builds up. Congestive heart failure . ..
Fix it yourself as I am . .

Fast forwards to March 2016

I started taking the liquid activated zeolites in earnest as a foil to the ‘fat suit’ I was wearing. Seeing no more improvements in my thyroid after taking a great deal of selenium and wondering what else I could do, after giving a lecture on toxins – I took stock, and lost 7 kg in 7 weeks.

Not by changing my food intake, or my exercise regime, but by focusing on pulling out the heavy metals. See here for more.
As well as the obvious shrinking back to my past normal size I also lost a lot of heart issue s- and now can walk up steep inclines, with my water bottle – and still talking! Also – after no exercise, not hassle at all. HEALTH. Next I will start reducing the medication I have been in for decades. Why I may not need it as the blockage to my body using nutrients is leaving me – growing younger – less toxic!

In my case – blocking magnesium and other minerals. In my daughter’s also.

How to create your own massive life changes?

Do something different.
Do not rely on what medicine says – undo what is stopping your body working as it was designed to also.
Take out what is blocking normal for you too!


Update . .
December 2016/January 2017

I am taking imperfect action – getting ‘stuff’ out there –
So the airbrushed glam version this is not – but the info is massive . .
You can heal yourself too – follow the steps



Add in what is supposed to be there
(See more on iodine here . .)

Please start the drops . .
They will revolutionise your life


The steps

Please note ..

The site will now ask you for a number – as you need to sign up under someone – please be advised that this is a retail experience for you – you are NOT being asked to buy again and again – or sign anyone up – is the only way you can access what I have found to be the foundational start that all who see me need to be on first – to start the process of taking out what is not allowing their body to work as it is supposed to -and hence there are problems you want get ‘fixed’ – when really the issue is in your cells – rubbish stored away that is blocking all life.

My number is 192991

I suggest that you open another window so you can follow the steps here, as their site is not so intuitive . .
Contact me if it all gets too hard and I can walk you through it – or do it for you . .

  • 1) – Click the picture at the bottom of the page.
    2) – Sign up as ‘to join’ allows you to get access in Australia and NZ.
    (There is no need to sign up anyone else – and it also costs you less – and you can buy it –when you do).
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    Australia the allowable threshold is $1000 (including the shipping costs).
    In New Zealand it is $400.This means your choices to get the best price may be compromised as you may find extra fees apply – you are importing for your own use only.
  • 5) – In Australia it is cheapest to take the middle option – pacesetter . .
  • 6) – You have then 4 choices.

The plastic bottles are ‘safe’ – I buy them as they do not break.

The extra capsules are wonderful if you are enhancing your immune system – cancer or any other chronic diseases. Start with the drops and next time – maybe buy the capsules/drops together – and maybe add in one of your family members – and ’under’ you – so you have both running at once. . . why would you not?

If you have any queries, or glitches with this, please contact me to help resolve them.

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