Chronic Mercury Toxicity

Perhaps investigate??

Methyl versus Ethyl?


Injected versus never in your body???
Thimerisil – and Aluminium – vs Aluminium by itself ? Vastly more neurotoxic – please watch . .

(DO NOT use flu injections – or any in pregnancy . .).

Perhaps wrap your head around this . . .

What does it do??

Number one problem I see in clinic – everything seems to be reduced to one thing – MERCURY needs to get out now . .

How did we get this?

Perhaps start here

This is appalling – who knew?
I definitely did not – till I started looking for answers for my daughter’s problems – then my own. Took decades – and this all explains why my mother and her family were having so many issues over their lives.

Inside mum – what is really being ‘passed on’?

Fetal mining?
Everything in mums’ fat cells is being let loose to grow baby with
The worst beginning.


See more here

1) – Our parents and our own amalgam fillings – yes you may have had them removed  .. . 50% of adult contamination is from the teeth.
BUT the ‘smoking tooth’ problem you had whilst it was there has diffused through all your cells – accumulating in your brain and heart (think congestive heart failure). What to do? Firstly see just how what we see as being ‘normal’ now is a consequence of having had exposure to this deadly toxin – in our mouths! Does mercury come off amalgam filings?? Totally untested!! I fact worse than that – they added in a higher concentration of copper in the 70’s meaning that the mercury was out gassing 50X faster – and if you have gold in the mouth – WOW!! electrical charges going everywhere!!! And still being filled into unsuspecting mouths – though banned in all Scandanavian countries.
2) – The new improved light bulbs – that when broken will release mercury vapor all around us and our homes will then be toxic forever – and there is no way to safely dispose of these. . . HELP!!
3) – Accidental exposure through the air – living in anywhere where coal is or has been directly burned as a fuel – or where the Chinese air pollution is carried – all the West Coast of the North American land – will mean all foods grown in the soils where the rain has brought the particles onto land – and we have all this as background noise.
4) – Over the centuries ‘new and improved ‘ uses of the new chemical found – initially in teething powders – mercury in them – as anti infection agents – mercurocrome Mercurochrome
– banned for sale in USA from 1998) – on umbilical stumps in newborns (sometime killing them – or just leaving the high neurotoxin  wastes within – and myriad exposures from the 1920’s on, when it was discovered and used as anti life agent on all sorts of products – including vaccines. .
5) – Calomel – used extensively for decades as a ‘cure all’ for all ailments. Unfortunate for all of us as mercury is not safe in any concenteation, and was freely administered for centuries by doctors who had nothing better to kill off ‘germ’s with.
6) – ThiormesalTrace amounts are not seen as being needed to be mentioned. As NO AMOUNT is safe – although, the vaccine may say ‘no mercury’ it really means – not so much .  .. Trace amounts – please watch this movie The vaccination debris that all our relations signed up for and this is all still in our tissues – wrecking havoc with normal nutrient pathways. This is a major issue for all – especially as when very young the detox organs are immature and can’t get rid of the dose – and it is  immeasurably worse the more vulnerable/smaller (think newborns/toddlers) you are – and how you are damaged depends on the loading from all above you already have within. Scary surely??
7) – Cell phones
The extra radiation allows the mercury in the fillings (or any dental hardware) you have to leech out even faster.
And all our metabolism – see here with the Thimerosal exposure in rats  and they make their own Vit C so they are way more protected than humans who can’t!!!
Want to talk about mercury in fish?
Ingested versus injected??


Want to wonder why the age of people being affected?
Get rid of the mercury – all traces of – and all aluminium as it stops your body removing the mercury naturally.

What does chronic mercury toxicity look and feel like?

Inability to concentrate, insomnia, dizziness, migraine and other headaches, forgetfulness, emotional instability, irritability, unprovoked anger, fearfulness, anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks, exaggerated response to stimuli, electrical sensitivity, insomnia, tremors/trembling of hands, feet, lips, eyelids, or tongue, ataxia (clumsiness), vision problems, hearing problems and deafness, shakiness or tremors, trembling, shivering, numbness, facial paralysis, loss of self confidence, shyness, withdrawal, timidity, easily embarrassed, electrical sensitivity, drowsiness, indecision, depression, mood swings, a feeling of being disconnected, suicidal tendencies, damages blood-brain barrier. Mercury is considered a factor in causing Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s disease, motor neuron disease), Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism. Mercury blocks glutamate re-uptake, makes excito-toxins such as MSG and aspartame (a.k.a. Nutrasweet) even more dangerous. Mercury is more neuro-toxic than lead, cadmium and even arsenic and acts in synergy with such other toxins.

Bleeding gums, metallic taste, foul breathe, burning sensation in the mouth, excessive salivation, ulcers in the mouth, leukoplakia (white patches), oral lichen planus, Bell’s palsy, gingivitis, burning sensation in the mouth or throat, periodontal infection, oral galvanism (electrical currents and voltages inside the mouth).

Dizziness, ringing in the ears.

Glaucoma, restricted or dim vision.

Constipation, diarrhea, cramps, leaky gut, yeast disorders, food sensitivities, indigestion, mal-absorption, colitis (inflamed, bleeding colon), Crohn’s disease.

Mercury overexcites the humoral immune system (the Bcells) even while it suppresses cellular immunity (involving T-cells). Mercury overly activates the microglia (immune cells) in the brain, causing more free radical damage and release of two damaging excito-toxins, glutamate and quinolinic acid. Weakens cellular immunity increasing vulnerability to colds, flu, Lyme’s disease and other infections. Bacterial, viral, fungal and mycobacterial infections, aggressive and invasive yeast colonies and biofilms as well as bacterial infections are more difficult to overcome due to the suppressive effects of mercury and the other toxic metals – tin, copper, silver, zinc, nickel, chromium, palladium and cadmium – that are used in dentistry. Periodontal infection is linked to the presence of amalgam by many studies. Allergies, eczema. Illness such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, hypothyroidism, Grave’s disease, and other auto-immune disorders. Mercury Poisoning depletes glutathione, the main antioxidant and detoxifier throughout the body, thus making it harder to detoxify anything else, and making the person more vulnerable and “chemically sensitive”.

Causing red blood cells to clump or stick together, causes abnormality in white blood cell counts (too high or too low), sluggish lymph flaw making lymph vessels clog. Irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat, feeble or irregular pulse; high or irregular blood pressure; pain or pressure in the chest, cholesterol damage and triglycerides. Idiopathic myocarditis. Mercury will act synergistically with other heavy metals such as cadmium (used in dentures and root canals), lead, iron, copper, etc.

Mercury from amalgams easily concentrates in the hypothalamus and the pituitary, resulting in mood disorders and depression and disruptions of the entire endocrine system; adrenal function adversely affect, depletion of vitamin C in the adrenals; and the ovaries, resulting in stress responses and infertility problems; low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) – cold hands and feet, subnormal body temperature, weight gain, obesity, sluggish metabolism, slower intellect, depression, loss of libido.

Hyperthyroidism and Grave’s disease are also possible. Fluoride also harms thyroid function and other endocrine function.

Disorders caused by mercury include lack of sperm mobility, toxic sperm, endometriosis (an auto-immune disorder), PMS, infertility, miscarriages, cleft palate and other birth defects, loss of libido (sex drive), poor sexual performance.

Then there is just ignorance and playing with what is highly dangerous . .

What to do about this?

Get your fillings out safely – and with the help of taking the zeolites for a month or so before and during and for at least a year afterwards – at 10 drops x 3 daily. Personally I would be taking them at that dose for a life time as the toxicity of the planet is wrecking havoc with all our tissues. We need to make Glutathione and to do so we need to be able to absorb what is hopefully in the food – the biologically sound produce grow organically (or as it used to be – food – naturally).
Do not get chelated.
There is so many more dangerous ways to get the mercury out.
There are usually chelation warnings – as this is not so sensible to do, is potentially harmful and very expensive – on the other hand – the liquid activated zeolites work safely.

This product is brilliant, safe and effective – and is sometimes hard to get access to.
If you are having trouble trying to sign up – please contact me and I will assist you.
Hints – it asks – do you want to buy or to join – join.
You do not ever have to sign anyone up.
I suggest that you buy a package of these – and then see how you go –

I am still on them as is my husband and daughter – 11 years later – why not be as pure and cancer free as you can be?
Preventative medicine – pull out what was never supposed to be there.
Allows the nutrients – especially magnesium and selenium to then be absorbed so your body can then heal itself as it always would have – had you not been exposed to life in the modern ages .. or a repository of all your family lines’ exposure to all that should not have been . .

The steps

Easy, safe and effective – liquid activated zeolites.

Go to this site and sign up.
Detox dose is 5 drops x 6 daily. Definitely drink a lot more water. Constantly. Flush it all out.
It says in the label to take 3 x 3 – is the maintenance dose – take the detox for ideally at last 3 months .
I would keep doing this as long as possible. Babies – maybe this  but even 1 year olds – you want them better as soon as you can. MUST drink more water.

The plastic bottles are ‘safe’ – I buy them as they do not break

NCD is available in Plastic or Glass Bottles 
The standard bottle is a 15mL (300 drops) PET bottle (the plastic material is inert to the ingredients of NCD). There is NCD2 which has a stronger concentration of zeolite in a 15mL Glass Bottle with rubber / glass drop dispenser. This is a little per bottle more expensive than the standard bottle. To order glass bottles (known as “NCD2”), please click there.  To order standard bottles of original NCD, please order as usual.

The capsules are wonderful if you are enhancing your immune system – cancer or any other chronic diseases. Start with the drops and next time – maybe buy the capsules/drops together – and maybe add in one of your family members – and ’under’ you – so you have both running at once. . . why would you not?

If you have any queries, or glitches with this, please contact me to help resolve them.

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