Cancer and Toxins

If you have cancer – whatever stage you are at, whatever you have done, or not done, whatever you have been told or expect…you are alive right now and you could feel more alive. Why is it that there cancer? Not just bad luck (Study shows) And again?

The cause is the cure. Cancer is a symptom – so sort that out .

Want to know how? Start taking out what should never ever have been in your body.

That which may well have started the whole mess. That which is blocking normal and healing.
That which when gone will only make you richer…

What might I mean?
The toxins and toxic residues that have lead to you immune system failing to notice that there was a marauder in your midst.

Now is as good a time as any – regardless of where you are on a therapy journey. Safely, gently and effectively remove a lot that was never ever designed to be in your system. That includes all the drugs and whatever else has been recently placed within you and all of their side effects. Replacing this with more clean pure water, magnesium on your skin and iodine to help assuage whatever else is needed and of course baking soda – yes – all very cheap answers – you can turn whatever you have at the moment quite around – so at least you feel better.

That surely is everyone’s wishes.

Start on your own amazing healing journey here

Then there is the matter of your children. If they get cancer – you will have to by law give the all the chemicals/radiation that are supposedly to kill the cancer before killing your child – why not start as you mean to live – well – by extracting what is there as a land mine? Rid your baby of the legacy now. Whatever age – and do not put any more in – that means – preventative medicine starts with being clean and green – and removing all that is bot designed to be there – the chemical loading found in the cord blood (baby was made with these on board) and unwittingly then fed in through your breast milk – and then – if you believed that health comes from not good management, food and care, but chemicals in the blood stream – then through the vaccination – all onto babies’ blood when most vulnerable – straight after birth.

Babies getting more cancer?

As simple as the chemicals, often banned decades ago – not breaking down and being persistent forever – and showing up in the cells of the newborns – how did this happen? Passed through from mum in her blood as she nourished lovingly her baby – and fed through the breast milk. Unacceptable and distressing.

How to rid yourself of this toxic waste? As simple as taking charge of your environment and your life – and body – start using the liquid activated zeolites now. Make sure you have the best baby growing into the easiest child to manage – the happiest, healthiest child you can have – no need for continual visits to doctors and specialists – take out what was never supposed to be inside your childrenat the start – even prior to birth if possible.

Easy, safe and effective – liquid activated zeolites.

The steps

Go to this site and sign up.
Detox dose is 5 drops x 6 daily. Definitely drink a lot more water. Constantly. Flush it all out.
It says in the label to take 3 x 3 – is the maintenance dose – take the detox for ideally at last 3 months .
I would keep doing this as long as possible. Babies – maybe this  but even 1 year olds – you want them better as soon as you can. MUST drink more water.

The plastic bottles are ‘safe’ – I buy them as they do not break

NCD is available in Plastic or Glass Bottles 
The standard bottle is a 15mL (300 drops) PET bottle (the plastic material is inert to the ingredients of NCD). There is NCD2 which has a stronger concentration of zeolite in a 15mL Glass Bottle with rubber / glass drop dispenser. This is a little per bottle more expensive than the standard bottle. To order glass bottles (known as “NCD2”), please click there.  To order standard bottles of original NCD, please order as usual.

The capsules are wonderful if you are enhancing your immune system – cancer or any other chronic diseases. Start with the drops and next time – maybe buy the capsules/drops together – and maybe add in one of your family members – and ’under’ you – so you have both running at once. . . why would you not?

If you have any queries, or glitches with this, please contact me to help resolve them.

If you have any queries, or glitches with this, please contact me to help resolve them.

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