Weighty problems (and all health related issues)

Told that you need to lose weight?

Actually . . .

  • You need to lose the rubbish that is stored in your cells that is stopping nutrients from getting to you –

  • There is malnutrition (your body can’t get to the nutrients needed as the heavy metals block their absorption)

  • The fluid gain

  • The cellulite and

  • Your loss of functionality

Why do I say this?

For all my professional life (since 1979) I have been working especially with women who wish to not be the weight/shape/size that they find themselves being. Always they are told that they need to lose weight – actually they need to reset their metabolism – as their thyroid (regardless of what the blood test results say – no one is actually measuring what your body is doing – but what levels of hormones may be running around in your iodine – which is NOT what it is able to use – thus the problems you may have mounting up).

In a nutshell
Take out what is not supposed to be in you

Add in then what is . .

What is not supposed to be there?

All the heavy metals that are blocking nutrients (Zinc and Iodine as the Selenium ad the magnesium can’t get to you to be used). Your thyroid is then not happy – and nothing works as it is designed to – and systems gradually break down.

Who knew?
I have suspected – as I watch people who are totally committed to helping themselves – get to plateau, get stuck after an initial breakthrough 

What I am discovering is horrifying to me as a natural health professional

Fluid accumulates in your cells when the iodine can’t get in.

Too much heat (toxins) and the water is in there to buffer your system from damage . ..
The selenium allowing the thyroid hormones to be made is blocked.
We then start falling apart – and the hormones especially (for women) and all matters breast related and to run an easy period – thus fertility – go awry and all sorts of diagnoses are made: medications started and your life starts falls apart – and everyone adds in more medications  not looking upstream at why this is happening  . .

When you have had enough of going to different therapists and hoping the next new supplement, new diet or new therapy will be ‘The One’ – perhaps start with cleaning out yourself of all the body burden that has been weighing you down . .

I did.

If this is happening to me who has never even been drunk, or eaten/ partaken of what others do – what about you?


Having been very ill recently, I stopped all my medications (heart, fluid and thyroid) as I was losing SOOO much fluids from a bout of gastro. On recovery, I am now on sometimes a fluid tablet still and a tiny bit of T4 – no T3/T4 which I had been in for 20 years . . No heart medication for the past congestive heart failure.

I do not seem to need it.
What happened?
Body reset

This is what we all need – an awareness that healing CAN and DOES happen.

Still on the liquid activated zeolites – 5 drops x 6 daily and so much water.

When I was so ill I had four foot spas in a week (See below) . .

They were all still as toxin laden as in the Power Point.
When we lose weight – the pesticides and heavy metals come out of our cells . .
And have to go somewhere.
What is happening?
What could happen for you – replacing the mess we have inherited from loving in this world . .

All about .. . .

Iodine update . .

There are days when I am appalled at how much iodine is soaking into me – starts off almost blackish tinged dark brown and we (I do this in clinic to show my patients that ‘some’ may not be enough).


By preparing to run a set of workshops for professionals, I researched and came up with whta I had been doing with my patients for a decade tried it on myself. . .and here we have – a healthy outcome that would work for all.
What is required?
Diligence and a want to change.

It may be for any reason – or no specific illness – you just want to feel on top of your game again.

Whatever you feel you need, part of what you do not need is a legacy of all the pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals that your body has not known what to do with – hence storing them within you for later. Perhaps start here in your journey in understanding what to do to help yourself.

Easy, safe and effective – liquid activated zeolites.

The steps

Go to this site and sign up.
Detox dose is 5 drops x 6 daily. Definitely drink a lot more water. Constantly. Flush it all out.
It says in the label to take 3 x 3 – is the maintenance dose – take the detox for ideally at last 3 months .
I would keep doing this as long as possible. Babies – maybe this  but even 1 year olds – you want them better as soon as you can. MUST drink more water.

The plastic bottles are ‘safe’ – I buy them as they do not break – and the product is formulated better

NCD is available in Plastic or Glass Bottles 
The standard bottle is a 15mL (300 drops) PET bottle (the plastic material is inert to the ingredients of NCD). There is NCD2 which has a stronger concentration of zeolite in a 15mL Glass Bottle with rubber / glass drop dispenser. This is a little per bottle more expensive than the standard bottle. To order glass bottles (known as “NCD2”), please click there.  To order standard bottles of original NCD, please order as usual.

The capsules are wonderful if you are enhancing your immune system – cancer or any other chronic diseases. Start with the drops and next time – maybe buy the capsules/drops together – and maybe add in one of your family members – and ’under’ you – so you have both running at once. . . why would you not?

If you have any queries, or glitches with this, please contact me to help resolve them.

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