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We can heal our teeth . .
In the meantime we also need to have a conversation about the slow poisoning that his happening to all of us – whether we have amalgams (now or ever) in our mouths.
As the maternal background noise on this was seeping into our tissues as we were being made – as the fetal body stores all metals as precious.
We may never have been who we could have been.
Esp if you are thinking of making babies – please – stop and get rid of the legacy that you did not need either – first.

PLEASE do not use silver fillings – and if you have them in your mouth – get rid of the and safely preferably YEARS before making babies – and get the residue out of you first – that would be these drops = see bottom of the page . .

Where was the informed choice – what do I mean – perhaps watch this first . . .
The real science behind amalgams and filling teeth This is a long presentation – a short one (8 minutes) here – is different but says essentially the same thing – as the truth is the truth however you package it . .

Mercury stays about – so even if it is not your teeth – it may have been in your mums, her mums’s – and even her mums .  .
Smoking teeth? Watch this and be so concerned – what to do about it? Take the zeolites – before, during and after removal.
If you already have your mercury out – it is still in all the tissues that absorbed it whilst amalgams were in your mouth out gassing (poisoning) you.

No safety testing and none of it is safe and it keeps out gassing – messing with you forever – and with your children as they store it in their own bodies as fetuses. YUCK! Thinking of making babies? Wondering why you are not? Maybe look no further than the hormonal disruption all this brings – the Hg (Mercury) is stopping normal hormones and natural absorption of the nutrients in that great food you choose to eat  . .

If you are not concerned enough about yourself- perhaps think of the children to come through you yet
What does Hg do to a developing brain?

Dead fetal lambs do not lie .  . see the resultant brain Hg load from drilling and filling pregnant ewe’s teeth.
What is this doing to all whilst it is within you?
A very useful run through of the chronic Hg symptoms covers just about everything that modern people have – and come in to see me about who knew? You may need to ask this of your dentist –

You put WHAT in my mouth?

Many of us have been bequeathed a lot of ‘background’ noise in the form of the mercury that passed down to us through our parents’ and grandparents’ bodies.

Is this a problem?
Find out more here
The Scandanavian countries have all banned its use in dentistry – there is financial resistance in other countries.

Why would you not want it in your body?
I am old enough to have had my adult teeth drilled out, and filled up with amalgam – so even if you to have a few – they can make a great difference to your health and the able to absorb and use nutrients that you think you are getting.

This means – to be sure – before you get the mercury containing fillings out – and they are not safe – I suggest that you first start a course of the liquid activated zeolites for a few months – then take the fillings out safely (with a dentist who does not put the stuff in anyone’s mouth so s/he knows also just how much protection s/he needs to give you and her/his workers) and the continue taking it or a few months after wards.
A great investment in your life!!!

Also possibly for healing of apparently un-tooth related issues.
I know when each quadrant of the mercury was removed for me – I had more energy and felt as though I was getting myself back. The dentist said that here were four teeth that were leaking bacteria and mercury into my system as they were cracked – had been in there for decades left alone. This means – the sooner out the better – and the healthier you will be.

Why not just get the mercury out and not bother with detoxing?
Up to you.
I knew a man who spent a week getting it all done at once – and he was then massively unwell  – he ‘best price’ dentist caused him to have severe mercury poisoning – he went blind, and was unable to look after himself – he then spent years in chelation therapy – that does not do what these gentle, safe and effective drops do – and the price? What price wellness – and they don’t even taste!!
I put my autistic daughter on these years ago and these within a week had made a significant difference to her functionality.

What happened to her to need them?
The dental work I had in utero. Mercury leaking straight into her.

Any mercury gets free entry into the developing fetus.
Using the zeolites is safe to undo all of this.

Please help yourself!!!

Simple, easy, very safe and it works – often immediately  I know I noticed huge difference in myself . .
We really can’t afford to not look after our selves – and this means kick out what is not designed to be part of us ..

The steps

Please note ..

The site will now ask you for a number – as you need to sign up under someone – please be advised that this is a retail experience for you – you are NOT being asked to buy again and again – or sign anyone up – is the only way you can access what I have found to be the foundational start that all who see me need to be on first – to start the process of taking out what is not allowing their body to work as it is supposed to -and hence there are problems you want get ‘fixed’ – when really the issue is in your cells – rubbish stored away that is blocking all life.

My number is 192991

I suggest that you open another window so you can follow the steps here, as their site is not so intuitive . .
Contact me if it all gets too hard and I can walk you through it – or do it for you . .

  • 1) – Click the picture at the bottom of the page.
    2) – Sign up as ‘to join’ allows you to get access in Australia and NZ.
    (There is no need to sign up anyone else – and it also costs you less – and you can buy it –when you do).
  • 3) – Go to the next 2 pages – and hit where you live – (x2)
  • 4) – Agree to not sell on
  • A thought . .Some countries have thresholds when bringing products in.
    Australia the allowable threshold is $1000 (including the shipping costs).
    In New Zealand it is $400.This means your choices to get the best price may be compromised as you may find extra fees apply – you are importing for your own use only.
  • 5) – In Australia it is cheapest to take the middle option – pacesetter . .
  • 6) – You have then 4 choices.

The plastic bottles are ‘safe’ – I buy them as they do not break.

The extra capsules are wonderful if you are enhancing your immune system – cancer or any other chronic diseases. Start with the drops and next time – maybe buy the capsules/drops together – and maybe add in one of your family members – and ’under’ you – so you have both running at once. . . why would you not?

If you have any queries, or glitches with this, please contact me to help resolve them.

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